Aosoth – V – The Inside Scriptures

With current and ex members of bands like Antaeus, Temple Of Baal and Goat Torment, it’s no surprise that Aosoth bring some nasty blackened death to the table. And just like Antaeus’s last release, this one ticks all the right boxes. Furious rifing, drums that swell menacingly, vocals straight from the upper echelons of hell. You know, the works!

The most important thing is that it never sounds derivative. In a time where a lot of bands are making this kind of music, it’s hard to not sound like all those who’ve come before you, but the French have always had that edge, creating stunningly unique subgenres ( see : Gojira, Celeste, Deathspell Omega, etc). Aosoth continue that beautiful line, using tempo, guitartone and creative songwriting to make a beast that stands firmly alone, ignoring all bands that came before them. It creates a riveting, scary , tight listen, that leaves nothing in its wake.

My favourite track is Silver Dagger And The Breathless Smile. It utilizes all the strengts of the band to create an epic closer to an already great album, weaving all these different tempos throughout 8 and a half minutes to end in a heartbeat. Magnificently epic. Shoutout for the artwork aswell btw, I think it complements the music beautifully!

Another great underground release in a year packed full of them, Aosoth do their own thing in a genre that has grown crowded and unoriginal over the years. Hail Aosoth.

Buy here : Agonia Records

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