Altarage – Endinghent

Sometimes, bands rise from the underground to slay all in their path, gathering more followers because of shear talent and work ethic. Altarage is one of those bands, steadily gathering more followers since debut Nihl, and signing to one of my favourite labels, Season Of Mist. And deservedly so, since there are few bands that can summon the dense, destructive power they do.

On Endinghent, little has changed, the furious maelstrom instantly sucks you in, and takes you to a world where there are no rules, no safety, no certainties. This is death metal at it’s finest, drawin influences from all over the spectrum, while still sounding like a different beast all together. It’s a death metal album that stands out because of it’s cheer ferocity,, and the way it attacks the listener from all angles, while still sounding like nothing else. The Spaniards are coming for you, and there is no way to hide.

My favourite song is Spearheaderon, it’s discordant riff weaving it’s way through the blast beats, the tempo changes halfway, the thick bass, it’s so so good, and in a world where it seems everything has been done, Altarage show you can still do your own thing.

Altarage are slowly becoming the band to watch in the death metal world. Two albums in, they are cementing themselves next to bands like Portal and Ulcerate, creaters of true evil, true craftsmanship, true cvlt. A pummeling, frightfull, essential death metal release.

Season Of Mist

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