Julien Baker – Turn Out The Lights

When i first heard Julien Baker some time ago, on her debut album Sprained Ankle, I was immediately touched by the fragile nature of these songs. They sounded like tiny treasures, that you wanted to protect and keep safe, so that they wouldn’t be broken or fall into the wrong hands. Now that we have a follow up, Turn Out The Lights, it’s obvious that hasn’t changed.

The biggest change is how warm these songs sound. They’ve been mmaculately produced, every note sounds full, and resonates through every fibre of your body. These songs still sound fragile, and when Baker howls, like at the end of Appointments, I instantly get goosebumps, since it sounds more sincere then anything I’ve heard in a while. I also thinks this is her greatest strength, the truth and real anguish that makes these songs more then your average singer songwriter. She has this talent to tap into the deepest parts of her soul, and lay it bare to the listener.

My favourite song is Appointments. Maybe because it was the first song I’ve heard of the album, I’m not sure, but it instantly struck a nerve with me.

It’s no coincidence Baker’s been gaining more and more attention, since her honesty and relatable story telling make it easy to connect with her music. She could be one of the greatest new songwriters of this age, and she’s confirming this on her second album.

Julien Baker
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