Converge – The Dusk In Us

Converge have been frontrunners in the metallic hardcore scene ever since they released seminal album “Jane Doe”, and they haven’t dropped the ball ever since. Every album they have released has a certain quality, a certain emotional attachment that makes it impossible to ignore. The Dusk In Us is another great release, building on their strength ( Bannon’s vocal delivery, Kurt Ballou’s buzz riffing, Ben Koller’s drum destruction) while trying to explore some new paths, to great effect.

It’s also an album that releases all it’s goodies over time, rewarding multiple listens so you can appreciate all the fine details. Once again excellent production by Ballou himself (somebody, give this man some kind of award) makes sure nothing gets lost in the furious display at work here.

My faourite track is The Dusk In Us. It’s the most obvious example of Converge’s evolution, and takes front back and center on the album. An epic that few bands can equal, while still sounding distinctly Converge. One of their finest songs ever, bar none.

When you start expecting greatness all the time, I can imagine it being hard on some bands. Not so for Converge. Like Amenra, these guys have delivered nothing but quality, and will probably continue to do so for the remainder of their career. Once again, an essential addition to your collection.

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