Nesseria – Cette érosion De Nous Mêmes

Nesseria play an amalgamation of post-hardcore, sludge, hardcore,post-rock and everything in between. And they pull it off magnificently. They fall under the great, weird French heavy music banner, under which Celeste, Gojira and Deathspell Omega reside, and they should be getting all the attention they deserve. They sound fresh, greedy, new and exciting, mixing Gaza, Converge, Explosions in The Sky to make an album that mixes all the best of those worlds. The best thing about them, is how they weave all these styles without sounding forced. It makes this album a discovery that should be cherished.

Since their inception dates back to 2003, I hope these guys finally get all the credit and plaudits they deserve, this is a great body of work, worthy of your attention.

Buy here : Nesseria Bigcartel

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