Amenra – Mass IV

I went to see Nick Cave a few days ago. It was in a huge venue, around 20 000 people. Way too many for the intimacy of Cave’s songs, especially those of his last album. But somehow, Cave pulled it off, and it was the best I had seen him, 20 000 people understanding the emotion behind these songs. That’s kind of how I feel about Amenra. They have this way of uniting people, whichever backround you’re from, under their epic, emotional sludge/doom anthems.

The fun thing is, they have kept growing in popularity, and more and more people are payin attention, without them compromising. Their music is still heavy, really heavy, and their themes of death, pain and loss aren’t the easiest, but somehow, people understand. People get it. People know that emotions manifest themselves in different ways.

And now, we have Mass IV. The most complete body of work Amenra have delivered until now. An album that begs to be listened to in its entirety. An album that needs to be listened to multiple times to fully grasp it’s scope and grandeur. An album that’s an accumulation of all the work Amenra have put in the last 18 years. It’s a beast, a monster, that comforts and scares you at the same time. It’s their best album yet, and since their discography is pretty flawless, I do not take that statement lightly. It’s an album that guides you through all these various stages and feelings, all the while slowly letting go, and letting you find your own way. It’s such a great statement of intent, they deserve all the credit and salutations.

My favourite song is Diaken. I love the ebb and flow, and the ending destroys me every time. For me, it’s the most emotionally draining song on the album, after an already emotional journey.

I have a hard time giving new albums a perfect score. Simply because I don’t know if the album will hold up, after years and years of listening. So, I’m not giving a 100, but close enough. This album will not be surpassed this year and maybe not next year. It’s a culmination of everything Amenra stand for, and I’m pretty sure it will hold up as being one of the great albums of this century. Truly essential listening.

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