Lento – Fourth

I think I owe Lento an apology. I’ve been aware of their existence for some time, but never eally checked them out, for God knows what reason. After checking out Fourth, I now see the error in my ways. This is some ridiculously heavy post-metal.

And, as some of you might know, I love me some post-metal. In the vein of bands like Omega Massif or early Isis, these songs bring the apocalypse. Like mountains collapsing around you, every riff pummels you in the ground. Some years ago, I read an article about The elephant marching riff. Simply put, a riff that sounds like a heard of stampeding elephants is running over you. I think Lento have some ridiculous elephant marching riffs in their arsenal, the end of Some Disiniterested Pleasures for example. And like other bands that utilise these kinds of ridiculous riffs, for example Gojira and Mastodon, Lento do it while playing really complex music, seamlessly incorporating the heavy with the technical. I absolutely adore it, and Lento seem to be taking the forefront with this album.

What I like a lot aswell is the unpredictability of their music. I had to go back to some songs afther they finished, because my mind could not comprehend what just happened. These guys are really pushing the bar, utilizing these complex rhythms to summon the end of the world. If I’m honest, I haven’t been this blown away by a post-metal record since I picked up Isis’s Celestial remaster a few years ago. And that’s saying something.

My favourite track is Cowardly Compromise. Ever want to die by riff? Look no further. No youtube video is available at the time, so you’re going to have to trust me on this one, and go out and buy the album.

To me, Lento have just taken the instrumental post – metal crown. Skull crushing riffs, a fantastic, nihilistic atmosphere from beginning to end, and enough variations to keep you interested for its entire running time. This is such a ridiculous feat of strength, I can’t wait to see them play these songs live. A huge shout out to Consouling Sounds aswell, for another stellar release in a year that has been filled with them. Essential.

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