Hell – Hell

Hell, the one man band helmed by MSW, is one of those bands you can always count on to deliver the goods. I bought their discography a while ago, and reviewed it, and as you can read there, was highly impressed with the cataclysmic doom that gushed out of my speakers. The hellish riffs in combination with the distorted ocals straight out of, well, hell, were highly addictive, and Maeror is probably still the most evil song I’ve had the pleasure of listening to.

MSW has returned, with another round of pulverizing doom to keep you entertained. Released on cassette on the always outstanding Sentient Ruin, we once again find ourselves enveloped by darkness. Not a lot has changed in the Hell universe. The heaviest riffs this side of the universe collide with some of the nastiest vocals you will ever hear, to grind the listener into total oblivion. The color palette is red, black, dark. Same as it ever was.

While I would never claim that this band sounds commercial, because that is just impossible, the songs on this full length do seem shorter then the other albums, and they sound a little more polished. Don’t get me wrong though, your average human being will still run away screaming, but the songs sound more focused, there’s a little more finesse. I’m still wildly impressed this is one human (?) being at work, when it sounds like the demons from the underworld are being sent to take over.

My favourite song is Machitikos. The long intro that builds the tension, teh nasty solo at the end, it’s vintage Hell with a twist, and let’s you know this guy has an endless source of inspiration. This particular song starts at the 17.04 mark. But check out the whole album while you’re there!

In conclusion, this is vintage Hell, but with a few surprises up it’s sleeve. This is still some of the heaviest music ever, and I hope we can keep enjoying this diabolical mastermind in the years to come. Essential listening, especially in the dark days to come. I think the cassettes have already sold out, I’m a little late with the review aswell, but get it any way you can!

Buy here : Sentient Ruin

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