Vince Staples – Big Fish Theory

Vince Staples’s Summertime ’06 was that weird thing : a hiphop double album that was an instant classic. I must have listened to it a hundred times, it’s dark beats and gritty observations were addicitive, and Vince himself seemed like one of the new hiphop greats. Since then, a lot has happened in hiphop country, with a bunch of new freshmen rearing their head. Vince seemed unimpressed though, releasing an EP with help from James Blake, and being his observant self on his hilarious twitter account. Now we have his second album, and it seems like he’s still on top of his game.

I first heard VInce on the song Hive by Earl Sweatshirt, and they seemed to bounce of each other perfectly. Earl the more distant, dark MC, while Vince was the angry, ballsy counterpart. He reaffirms that persona on Big Fish Theory, his sprawling raps the prefect social commentary on the state of society. He’s always had the ability to make you listen, and he perfects it here.

The biggest difference here is the music. Leaning towards a more electronic feel, there’s elements from a great variety of genre’s: House, techno, industrial. But it’s still distinctly hiphop, all this elements just adding to a dystopian, futuristic vibe, that underlines his bars perfectly. I read in another review some where that this album feels like hophop’s Blade Runner, and I can only concur. Vince Staples is in the future already, telling us this will all end pretty badly for us.

My favourite song is Yeah Right. The distorted bass and glitchy electronics perfectly illustrate what he’s going for on this record, and his lyrics about consumerism and the priorities of young black people fit perfectly. Kendrick Lamar ads a verse aswell, and it just makes for a perfect hiphop song.

Vince Staples just reaffirms what a lot of people already knew: he’s leading the charge, along with people like Kendrick Lamar and Earl Sweatshirt. Big Fish Theory is an exceptional album, and a worthy successor to his debut album. The sky seems to be the limit. One little point of criticism, make a proper album cover and case next time, as an avid music buyer I always feel a little ripped off when it seems like I just bought a copy.

Vince Staples
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