Igorrr – Savage Sinusoid

Prepare your body, ladies and gentlemen, because what we have here, is not for the faint of heart. Back in the day, Igorrr was one of the artists that got me really interested in breakcore, along with Venetian Snares and End.USer. But, after a while, breakcore seemed to fizzle out, with a lot of artists branching out into different genre’s, and my interest waned aswell. until now, because Igorrr has released one headbutt of an album.

Igorrr was always one of the more extreme breakcore artists, mixing the typical breakbeat patterns with, well, whatever he felt like. On this album, this is emphasized again. Grindcore is rubbing elbows with opera. There’s some balkan, baroque elements, opera elements, death metal. An endless list of genre’s and inspirations, mashed up into a new genre, simply called Igorrr. And the most astounding thing is that no samples were used. All of this was recorded, mixed and beaten into each other until it made sense. A pretty ridiculous achievement, and I don’t want to know what Gautier Serre’s head looks like on the inside, because to have this vision, you have to be some kind of mad genius.

Another thing that really strikes me every time I listen to this album, is how much fun it is. There’s surprises around each corner, each one more crazy and bombastic than the last one. There’s so much going on, it feels like you’re getting bamboozled, but in a way that you constantly have this stupid grin on your face. I put this on a lot while doing chores, and it speeds up everything you do, cause one minute you’re headbanging while putting away the dishes, the next you’re doing a few dancesteps to the more classic parts. It’s like a crazy rollercoaster that transports you to a different dimension every 30 seconds, you just want to keep on going.

My favourite song is Apopathodiaphulatophobie. Featuring Travis Ryan from Cattle Decapitation, it embodies everything I love about this record : Opera meets death metal meets electronics, in such a flawless manner, it just blows me away every time I listen to it.

When I saw that this album was being released on Metal Blade, I was incredibly happy since it meant this guy was getting more coverage, and deservedly so. This album is all kinds of crazy, and the love for music just emits from every note. It’s fun, fresh, heavy, all the things you could possible want. Great stuff!

Buy here : Metal Blade

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