Boobs Of Doom – eXXpre$$ion

The boys are back! If anyone reading this isn’t familiar with Boobs Of Doom, you should be, since they’ve been prominently featured on this site, and, most importantly, they’re pretty awesome. A little recap : 2 weirdo’s from Scotland making noisey soundscapes that sound like the soundtrack to the sci-fi movie Jodorowsky never made. Used to be very underground, now they’re being featured in Wire and this album is getting a physical release. Times do change.

eXXpre$$ion is, dare I say it, the sexiest album these guys have made yet. This album has a lot more subtlety and is less harsh then their previous outings, dare I say it’s even pretty catchy at times? There are some dub vibes, some nice synths that weave spellbinding rhythms throughout, but it’s all still coated in a classic apocalyptic layer, courtesy of Boobs Of Doom. Because if I have to name one thing that connects all their releases, it’s the way these songs feel, the way they crawl forth through the desolate landscape they created. It’s lovely, haunting, and scary, all at the same time.

Funny enough, and I don’t really know why, but I think this is how Mogwai’s Happy Sounds For Happy People sounds in another universe, one inhabited by creatures so foul and disturbing, that every day you survive is a day worth celebrating. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but hey, that’s not why we’re here.

My favourite song is Aretkistapha. It has this very nice vibe, and is probably the most mellow song they have released to date. It shows something different, in a good way, which I can only appreciate! The album isn’t out yet, so no youtube vid, but trust me, it kicks ass.

In the end, we have another excellent Boobs Of Doom album, one that finds them mellowing with old age (they could already be in their 80’s, who knows!), but still inhabiting the same dangerously unknown universe. It’s another great addition to their already ridiculous discography,,and since it’s the first to get a physical release, I would recommend everyone to get this on release, the 11th of August!

Boobs Of Doom
Buy here : Bandcamp or (physical) here : Odd Chorus

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