Slow Crush – Ease EP

While slowly melting, I prefer to listen to some songs to ease the pain of becoming a liquid. Luckily, I now have in my possession the debut EP from Slow Crush, who play a very heavy brand of shoegaze. And wouldn’t you know, shoegaze is my jam. The main reason being I love the feedback heavy, shimmering guitars. I also love how it can join other genres effortlessly, like black metal, post-rock, indie, whatever you want really.

Now, how have these guys (and girl) done? Really, really well. AS you might have seen a while ago, I posted their first song a while ago, and was instantly sold. And now, over the course of these 4 songs, they check all the boxes. They know how to build a song, Isa Holliday’s vocals are the perfect blend of intense and careless, and the rest of these guys keep the tension thick from start to finish.

Another thing I like is they don’t sound like copycats. Shoegaze has had kind of a resurgence of late, with MBV resurging a while ago, Slowdive has just released their first album in 22 years and bands like Nothing, Deafheaven and Alcest are doing great new things. And while it’s apparant Slow Crush has gotten some of their inspiration there, it sounds fresh. The only negative is the fact there are only 4 songs here, because I am very curious to see if they can keep my attention for the duration of a full length.

My favourite song is Sway. Holliday’s hushed vocals, the riff that runs in and out, the wall of sound. It’s the song that made me fall in love with this band, and remains my favourite song here.

I was talking with a friend a week ago, and he asked me what shoegaze was, and in my description I said it always sounded pink, purple-ish. I don’t know why (maybe because of Loveless’s cover), but this EP sounds like a very dense, glimmering pink. In the best possible way. Lovely stuff.

Slow Crush
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