Father John Misty – Pure Comedy

Well played sir, very well played. After 2015’s I Love You Honeybear, I thought FJM was going to continue being a smartass, laughing at us futile humans from his throne high in the sky. Turns out, he’s done messing around, and now he’s just rubbing our pathetic lives in our faces.

But let me tell you this, mister John Misty. We’re not all that stupid and superficial as you make us out to be. Sure, I like my internetporn and next day delivery as much as the next guy, but does that make me a lesser human being? And offcourse VR sex with Taylor Swift sounds appealing, but does that mean I have my Oculus Rift ready in case this becomes a reality? No, cause those things cost around 600 dollars, so I’ll get one when VR celebrity sex becomes a reality. And while i might agree with you that the capitalist system that rules all of us has it’s flaws, I ask you: how else are we going to keep the working man downtrodden? Cause you seem to have a lot of criticism, but I’m not seeing any sollutions from you either.

And don’t think I see where you got the inspiration for all these lush arrangements. Harry Nillson, Elton John and Scott Walker called from the seventies, and want their tunes back. I mean, come on man, at least you could have tried to do something different right? Instead, we get these big band tunes you could buy for a dime a dozen. Okay, they might be catchy, and I seem to be humming them all the time for some reason, but I know man, I know. You’re not that unique and special either, so you can stop acting so high and mighty.

My favourite song is Things That Would’ve Been Helpful To Know Before The Revolution. Mainly because i love the title so much. No real other reason tbh.

To conclude, this album is a masterpiece, which encapsulates the times we’re in. A lot of protest albums will probably be forthcoming, but I think we have found the seminal album of this particular time in history. Essential.

Father John Misty
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