Brutus – Burst

I know, I’m really late to the party. This record was released in February. So I was really in doubt if I should still write a review, but gosh darnit, this record is so good I just had to. For the music, for the people, for world peace.

Brutus are a 3 piece, and another great Belgian band to add to the ever growing roster of Belgian bands that are blowing me away. Why? Well, mainly because they play an exciting blend of punk, hardrock, stoner, grunge, sludge, some thrash, some pop, some gaze. Let’s say, all the non electronic genre’s. And while this may sound really eclectic, strange or plain bad, this record is none of those things. Instead, it sounds like the apocalypse, but groovy. One moment you’re banging your head, the other you’re dancing along. And although I’m not a 100% sure about all the lyrics, I’ve been belting them along as if my life depended on it. I don’t know how they’ve done it, but they seemed to have found the magic formula to make the perfect guitar record.

A lot of that can be credited to the synergy between the three players. Everything flows very organically, and they seem to be pushing each other to go harder, faster, more epic, more intense. I need to talk about drummer and frontwoman Stefanie Mannaerts aswell, because that voice. She howls, hollers, yells, all with that great rasp that Courtney Love would kill for. While beating the drums like a maniac. Just crazy. I’ve missed Brutus live twice cause I’m an idiot, but I’ll see them soon enough when they support Goat in August, and I can’t wait to see how they pull this off live.

My favourite song is Bird. I love how it builds up, and gets heavier every second you listen to it. There’s a post-rock vibe that crushes 80% of all post-rock bands, and when she hollers at the end of the song… Goosebumps. Fantastic. Sadly, it isn’t on youtube yet, so here’s the video to All Along, another great song!

I honestly think this is a record anyone can fall in love with. It’s brimming with ideas, creativity and, most importantly, great fucking songs. I have put this record on at various occasions, with various people, and there wasn’t a single person who didn’t like it. For me, this is one of my top 5 records of the year so far. It has everything I love, and more. I read they have just signed an American record deal, and it wouldn’t surprise me the least if they go big there. This band can go anywhere. Get this record, now.

Buy here :
(US) Hello Merch
(EU) Hassle Records


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