Martyr Defiled – Young Gods

It’s my boys! Back when I first got into the heavier stuff, deathcore was one of the first genres that caught my attention. And these guys, with their debut Collusion, showed me what heavy really meant. I still play it sometimes, and it’s still one of the best deathcore releases ever, hands down. And since then, I’ve been following everything they do, buying their records, and while I thought they didn’t really get to Collusion’s level, I still loved them unconditionally. So when they dropped a new track, I got hyped instantly, and preordered their record when it became available. But, lucky man that I am, I got a review copy early, and have been blasting it for a while now.

And I got to say, these guys can still bring the heat. There’s no mellowing here, they still play balls to the wall, heavy deathcore. Some trakcs are more death, some more core, but their sound is still firmly rooted in deathcore. The heavy, brutal kind that is. The biggest difference over collusion is the speed. They play a slower, more heavy hitting style here, and while that might differ from their early work, it still beats you senseless. In the best kind of way. Those tuned down breakdowns get me hyped time after time, just lovely.

Matthew Jones is still a beast of a vocalist, and he’s displaying a wider range here aswell, which is always nice. The rest of the band make sure there’s enough variation in these songs to stay interesting, but the album still sounds as a whole. And to me, that’s important, because it happens too frequently in genres like deathcore that they just throw 10 songs together and call it an album. That is definitely not the case here, and should be applauded.

My favourite song is Through Famine, War And Scorn. The build up in this song is exceptional, with a ridiculous evil riff at the beginning, that works it’s way to a huge breakdown. Love it. Haven’t found a youtube link though, so go check it out on spotify, or be a nice lad and just buy it!

So, I might be more biased than usual on this one, but I absolutely love this album, and kind of reignited my interest in the genre. These guys are the real deal, so give them some love and buy the album, or some merch. They deserve it.

Martyr Defiled
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