Cloud Rat / Moloch – Split

A Split between two of the most interesting underground metalbands can only deliver the goods, am I right? Cloud Rat and Moloch have both been doing their own thing for some time now, and both are highly regarded in their own genre, so I was interested to see what they had come up with.

First , we have 7 tracks from Michigan’s Cloud Rat. It’s pretty difficult to be really original in grindcore, since it’s a genre with such narrow restrictions, but Cloud Rat have been doing their thing for about 8 years now, with fantastic results. Here, once again, we’re being treated to a frenetic release, with the bulk of these tracks caving in your skull. The vocals of Madison Marshall bark and bite, there’s enough variation between these songs to keep if interesting, and it has the same intensity as the relationship between the USA and North Korea. The most curious song is Amber Flush, much more subdued and infused with electronica, almost trip-hop. It’s a good reminder that this band is full of surprises.

Then, we have 2 songs by the UK’s Moloch. A different beast, Moloch make heavy as balls sludge, infused with whatever genre they think will make the song greater. So enter feedback heaven, and let the slow, tar drenched riffs pull you down slowly but surely. I hadn’t heard much from them to be honest, but they really impressed me with these songs. I was banging my head for pretty much the full duration, there’s an infectious groove going on, it all just works very nicely. It’s been 6 years since their last full length, and while they’ve been featured on numerous splits since then, I for one can’t wait to get a full album’s worth of heavy.

So, 2 bands on top of their game, and while stylistically there might be some differences, I think any underground metal lover will more then get his money’s worth with this split. At almost 40 minutes long, there’s not a dull moment, and I hope we get new full lengths from both bands soon.

Cloud Rat

Buy Here : Feast Of Tentacles


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