Wiegedood – De Doden Hebben Het Goed II

I remember seeing Wiegedood a few years ago, playing one of their first shows as opener for Hierophant and Mutilation Rites. No music was released at that time, but when Church Of Ra members announce a black metal project you’re damn sure I’m interested. They played one hell of a show, and had a sound that was different, albeit firmly rooted in black metal. Then their first album dropped, everyone was raving about it (Cvltnation put at at number 2 of their album of the year list), and now we’re here, with the follow-up, De Doden Hebben Het Goed 2.

What’s astounding about this release is how they’ve progressed from their debut. Everything is sleeker, tighter, more polished, more aggressive. Basically, more of everything.

And that’s ofcourse wonderful news for us, the fans, since their particular brand of black metal is something you enjoy on a whole different level. There is a personal investment, an emotional bond you create with these songs. Like most of the Church Of Ra disciples, this transcends genre specifications, and sounds like Wiegedood, nothing more, nothing less. A big part of that is the atmosphere. There are visions of earthly rituals, things in the dark, the unknown darkness. It’s different from almost all black metal I encounter, and is what sets them apart from the pack. And might be what makes them sound so so good.

My favourite song is Smeekbede. From the twitching riff at the start until the blood curdling scream at the end, this song is black metal perfection.

I was a huge fan of the first Doden Hebben Het Goed. But somehow, they surpassed it with this release, and created an instant classic. I have serieus doubts this album will be surpassed this year, but let us hope this is just the beginning of a year where black metal conquers all. Wiegedood have set a benchmark, now it’s up to everyone else to see if they can follow. Essential listening.

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