Sinmara / Misþyrming – Split

Icelandic black metal has been making quite a name for itself these last years, with it’s own brand of black metal, so when two of the frontrunners team up to make a spit, you’re damn sure I’m checking it out.

Sinmara and Misþyrming make likeminded black metal, the one that splits open the earth to reveal it’s fiery core. They both take notes from Deathspell Omega’s book, but jerk and twist it until it becomes distinctly their own.

Sinmara opens up the proceedings here with Ivory Stone. They rampage through this song, right from the beginning, assaulting the listener with a barrage of drums and icy riffs, building up to an epic conclusion. Aphotic Womb was already one hell of an album, and this makes me hunger for a follow up only more.

Misþyrming are up next. This track is absolutely devastating. The dissonant riff that introduces itself at random moments just messes with you throughout, and I feel like they’ve taken the same drugs Bölzer did, creating epic music that’s beyond heavy aswell. It’s absolutely riveting stuff.

And there you have it. When two of the most exciting bands in black metal team up, only great things could happen. This is a near flawless release, cementing their status and keeping us hungry for their next albums.

Buy here : Terrratur Possessions


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