Run The Jewels – RTJ3

Every year there seems to be a highly anticipated release droppping right before the year ends, messing with everyone’s end of the year lists. In 2014 it was D’Angelo’s Black Messiah, last year it was Pusha T and Baroness. Now we have the new Run The Jewels album, RTJ3. Is it as good as RTJ2 was?

Hell yeah it is. For some reason, these guys can’t release anything bad, even if they wanted to. Their song with DJ Shadow, Nobody Speak, had been on rotation during 2016, and they just continue on that strength here. It’s the same ingredients that makes their formula work time after time : El-P’s clean production, Killer Mike’s insane flow, and the combination of humor, wit and politics just works as it has on their previous albums. Where does it rank when compared to the other two? No clue. They’ve done what only the greats can : make three hard hitting, perfect rap albums. As ridiculous as it sounds, everyone will rank this differently, since it comes down to preference. There is nothing bad about this album whatsoever, they just keep doing what they do best.

My favourite track is Legend Has It. The beat and the flow of this song is what makes it my favourite atm, but if I’m honest, this will probably change over the next months. There is so much to love here, so much on display that it’s near impossible to pick a favourite.

Just get this album. It’s free to download, and they just hit every mark on this release. I don’t think there is a more consistent hiphop outfit out there at the moment, and one day, people will look back on this as one of the many great albums RTJ has made. Essential for all hiphopfans, there is no excuse not to listen to this.

Run The Jewels
Buy (or download for free) here : RTJ website


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