El Yunque – Boxes

Noise rock seems to be making a resurgence these last couple of years, for better or for worse. Here we have some young Belgian upstarts, making one hell of a racket. But is it any good?

Trying to pinpoint the music these guys make ain’t easy. But here we go : It’s like Daughters were fighting with John Zorn’s Naked City, while Lightning Bolt and Dillinger Escape Plan (Mike Patton era) are setting them on fire. Pretty eclectic, pretty all over the place, and actually not pretty at all. But man does this kill. The energy is almost unbearable, there’s surprises behind every turn ( the clarinet on Dog Park got me slightly hard when it first kicked in, ain’t gonna lie.) and it just sounds like a fucking great time.

What it’s all about, I have no clue whatsoever. They seem to like old Chicago Bulls players, and that’s about all I can tell you. But the lyrical content isn’t that important when the music is this good. And best of all, it sounds like El Yunque. While aforementioned bands might have inspired them (or not, what do I know), this never sounds like a copy of anything else.

Another thing I really like : it doesn’t get boring. Some noise rock bands have a tendency to start noodling, or covering everything with a thick layer of white noise. That just doesn’t happen here. You keep getting drawn back into the wonderful chaos they’ve created, and that’s a feat on it’s own.

My favourite song is Dog Park. I just love the repititive intro that erupts into mayhem. And that clarinet is just such a genius move. Magnificent.

The talent that’s come out of my little country these past years has been astounding. You can easily add El Yunque to this list. They’ve listened to all the bands that came before them, thrown it into a blender, added some own seasoning and proudly named their creation El Yunque. Great stuff.

El Yunque
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