Lisa Marie Kruchak – Miles Of Prairie


Sometimes, you stumble upon these little gems, that make your whole day better. Miles Of Prairie is one of them. It’s a record that needs a far bigger audience then it has at the moment. The lush country-folk-americana-whatevergenreyouwanttocallit on this record is just exquisite.

The weird thing is, I have no idea how old she is. Not even a little. She looks somewhere in her twenties on her photos, but her voice sounds far more mature then that. PLus, her bio states that she’s been doing his for more then 10 years. So, I don’t know. What I do know, is that she has the timelessness of Neko Case, Emmylou Harris or Gillian Welch. A voice that transcends age.

The main thing that strikes me about this record is the warmth it emits. Everything feels lush and vibrant, and it’s like you’re getting wrapped in a warm blanket. It’s music you treasure in these cold times, music that feels like a cup of hot cocoa. The ironic thing is her lyrical themes are not fun or comforting at all, dealing with, as she puts it herself, “loss, loneliness and betrayal” . But the way she expresses it makes it far more relatable. Like crying with your best friend when shit has hit the fan, in the end, you’re still crying with your best friend.

My favourite track is What Am I To Do? . Her voice takes the front of the song, as it should, and everything else just flows along. There were only live songs on youtube, so I chose the one I enjoyed most, of her doing the song solo.

Overall, this is a gem of a record. It feels like uncovering a treasure when you first listen to it, and keeps growing on you the more you listen to it. Recommended if you have any affection for roots or americana based music. And my God, someone get this girl more exposure, cause I really can’t get over how beautiful her voice is.

Lisa Marie Kruchak
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    1. od pewnego czasu mieszkam w Danii i tak sie zÅ‚ożyÅ‚o, ze Deer Bear grali wczoraj w moim mieÅ›cie. Pozarmawialom z nimi chwilÄ™ i kiedy przyszÅ‚o do tego, że jestem z polski, od razu z zachwytem wspomnieli o tym blogu :)koncert byÅ‚ niesamowity 🙂

  1. Bonjour Laurence.ton image me laisse perplèxe. Je la regarde encore et encore. j’ai plus la sensation qu’il est question de remonter à la source. Sans doute une de ces images que j&riauo;asmerqi voir affichée dans une galerie pour entendre les commentaires..

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