Septa – Sounds Like Murder

Septa are a band from Odessa, Ukraine. They describe themselves as alternative rock, but that doesn’t really cover the load. They seem to mix a lot of different things, mainly from the hardcore/metalcore/mathcore genre’s. The fun thing is, while being rooted in those genre’s they take a lot of little things from other bands and genre’s. I hear some Tool, some grunge, some trash, some At The Drive-In. It makes for an eclectic listen, which keeps you on your toes, and most importantly, keeps you interested.

The band has some core strengths, which become obvious after the first listen. The drummer is an absolute beast, setting the tone for most of the songs. I feel like he has the ability to play pretty much anything, since the technical prowess he displays here is very impressing. I also like the vocals on this album very much, since singer Eugene Tymchyk has a very wide vocal range. His cleans, grunts and screams all sound really well, which can’te be said off a lot of bands in this genre.

Aren’t there are any lesser points you ask? Well, there are, but they’re more nitpicking then anything else. I feel like I’ve heard the riff in 11th:Omen before, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Secondly, I feel like they might be showcasing a little too much. Don’t get me wrong, I like eclectic records, I just think they tried to put a little too much in this record. Again, this is mostly nitpicking, because the album is a fun listen overall.

They’ve won Best Metal Album at the Ukrainian Metal awards for this album. I totally get that. These guys sound fresh, hungry, and ambitious. They deserve praise for that alone, and this recognition is well deserved.

My favourite track is The Rats In The Walls. I love the free flowing bassline, the almost tribal drumming. And that riff that sets in around the 2 minute mark. Lovely stuff.

Overall, I think this record shows a band brimming with ideas, and wanting to prove themselves. They do this pretty well on Sounds Like Murder, which is in essence a (post-)hardcore record, but they’ve added a lot of different things here to keep it interesting. I think this record is a great show of ability, and if they streamline everything a little more, there’s no end to their possibilities.

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