True Widow – Avvolgere

Relapse are a damn clever label. They always add this little carton at the top of their albums with extra info and a “for fans of”. That’s pretty smart, because it has made me buy their albums on numerous occasions, without actually knowing the band. Same here. Bands like Jesu, Nothing and My Bloody Valentine were mentioned, and I was sold. Damn clever, but only if the band in question delivers on the album offcourse. And True Widow do this with ease.

It’s hard to pin down what music they actually make. It’s a mix of all these different genre’s, some shoegaze, some stoner, some new-wave. But it works so damn well. The fuzzy guitar tones, the slow build-up, the dual vocals. It’s the sound of a band who have figured out what music they want to play, and are perfecting it. Which makes sense, since this is their fourth album, and allthough they have been flying under the radar (well, my radar atleast), I can’t believe they’re not bigger then they are. This is music which could appeal to a great audience, metallers, stoners and indie rock afficionados all have things to love here.

My favourite song is Theurgist. It was really hard to choose one song, since this album is just stacked, but I feel like this song perfectly encapsulates True Widow. The fuzzy riffing, almost careless vocals, the tight drumming. If you love this song, you’ll love the album.

To round this off, this release is probably my discovery of the year. I’ve been recommending it to everyone, because I feel there’s something in this band for everyone to like. I’d like to give props to Relapse aswell, I feel like they’ve been doing much more “non-metal” releases and it’s really paying off in my opinion. Great album, great band, time to make these guys big!

True Widow
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