Mono – Requiem For Hell


If I’m honest, this review will probably be even more biased than all my other ones. You see, to me, Mono is one of those bands who really can’t do any wrong. Once, when I was coming home ( I might have taken some reality distorting products, I won’t lie), I saw the whole universe being created and destroyed while listening to ther song Yearning. I’ve felt all possible emotions listening to their songs, and seeing them live was one of the greatest experiences of my life. But I’ll try to be as honest as I can about this, their ninth album.

As usual, it’s all epic from the get go. Screeching guitars, epic buildups to tear inducing breaks. The standard Mono formula. The thing that changed in comparison to their previous three albums is that they’ve gone back to Steve Albini for the producing duties. And it shows. The sound is much more raw, a return to their first albums, but with added orchestration. It does wonders, making this my favourite album since Hymns To The Immortal Wind.

It all sounds really cohesive, starting with a bang, then a gentler interlude, to the epic centerpiece that is Requiem For Hell. It feels like the prototype Mono album, all emotional heaviness.

My favourite track is Requiem For Hell. It’s their all out assault on the senses, all build-up, all emotion. It gives you goosebumps all over, as every great Mono song should. This is btw the cut single version, the full song is even more epic, so be sure to check that out aswell!

They once asked Takaakira Goto (lead-guitarist) what he thought of the post-rock moniker which was given to Mono. He said : “Music is communicating the incommunicable; that means a term like post-rock doesn’t mean much to us, as the music needs to transcend genre to be meaningful.” That pretty much sums up Mono, and this album aswell. This music transcends all genre specifications, and shows pure emotion filtered through music. Fantastic stuff.

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