Cocaine Piss – The Dancer


This must be the Fuck You record of the year. Some people from Liège, making fast punk, get produced by Steve Albini. Drop an album called The Dancer. Get rave reviews. By sounding like they don’t give a fuck.

I have to say, I was skeptical at first. Especially here in Belgium, I have the feeling a lot of bands get way more credit then they deserve. I don’t believe in the whole “it’s from around here, so it must be great!” thing a lot of Belgian reviewers seem to have. But dammit, this is a fun record. The energy and enthousiasm just jump out of your speakers, only one song passes the 2 minute mark, the themes go from masturbation to fitting in. It’s everything a punk record needs to be in 2016 : fast, fun, no fucks given.

Singer Aurélie Poppins also deserves a special mention. Her lyrics are at times funny, serious, and asking some questions about today’s society. All delivered in an infectious snarl. It should make her a postergirl of the current punks, if she wants it or not. This is a rolemodel, someone to look up to, girl or boy.

My favourite song is Nostalgia. It has one lyric : When I was a kid, nobody was dying. I don’t think I’ve seen life summed up so ironically in one lyric ever before. It has been floating round my head since I first heard it, and it will probably stay there for a long time. Plus, it builds up great, just getting faster and more intense over the course of 2 minutes. The song isn’t on youtube, so fuck it, have The Dancer instead!

To cap off : this record gets in your face, challenges you, parties with you, and once it’s over, it spits in your face. Then you put it on again. Fucking punkrock.

Cocaine Piss
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