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The Nietzsche are a 4 piece mathcore band. My problem with mathcore is, predominantly, that a few bands stick out, and the rest just sound uninspired, overcomplicated and boring. You have to sound pretty special in this already special subgenre to really stand out. Luckily, The Nietzsche have a few things going in their favour.

Firstly, they sound like themselves. In a universe that’s filled with Cave In and Dillinger Escape Plan clones, that’s already a huge plus. Now, it’s not that they don’t take anything from these bands, it’s pretty impossible to sound nothing like Dillinger when you make mathcore, but they do it subtly enough. And they add their own seasoning. Some blackened riffs here and there, some cleans that are really fitting. They take their influences and make them their own.

Secondly, they are really benefitting from the EP format. It seems over before you know it, and then you just keep going back. Looking for certain parts of certain songs. Because it’s so short, they are able to show off their entire arsenal without repeating themselves or making boring interludes. It’s short, sweet, heavy and diverse. It grips your attention. And I think a lot of people will connect with it because of this. It engages and challenges you.

My favourite song is Rich Bukowski. I just instantly fell in love with the danceable riff during the breakdown. It’s so great, and so much fun, and it made sure I had a grin on my face for the whole duration of the song. Its really fucking amazing. Check it out on Bandcamp, there is no Youtube link available at the time!

For closings, these guys seem really promising. I hope they can make a full length as engaging as this EP, because the talent is obviously there. And only 1 Buck on Bandcamp, so don’t be cheap!

The Nietzsche
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