Boobs Of Doom – Wow Is Dead


It’s our favourite weirdo’s again, Boobs Of Doom! Remember people, you read about them here before they were in Wire!
This time, they’ve made a tribute to Warcraft ( the game, if you’re not familiar with it : Warcraft wiki ) . Now, before a videogame inspired album sends you screaming for the hills ( it shouldn’t, it says a lot about your character if it did, shame on you!), you can enjoy this album without knowing anything about the Warcraft universe. Perhaps the songtitles might sound strange, but hey, they always sound strange with BoD. The 2 members that inhabit the strange entity that is Boobs Of Doom actually met in Wow, so it’s nice that they try to incorporate their past into their music.

Let’s move onto the music itself then shall we. As usual, it sounds like the soundtrack David Lynch’s nightmares produce when he’s drunk. And I mean that in the nicest kind of way. Sounds wriggle through your speakers, tribal drums cross swords with actual swordfighting noises, weird synths blip throughout. These guys have found a way to make sonic palettes reminiscing of vast landscapes where everything is black and white, and you can see miles in front of you. But danger is always lurking. Since their last release, I feel like they’ve grown even more, and created something that really sticks with you.

After I listened to it and wrote most of the review, they sent me a new version of the album, because, you know, “artists”. And I have to say, they improved it even more. The songs flow more, It feels like they’ve given them more room to breathe, which only adds to the feeling that you’re looking into a different universe.

This album is being given away for free btw, and they’ve included a document with good causes to donate to. In my opinion, this is extra incentive to give this album a spin and immerse yourself in this epic album. It being over 70 minutes long, makes it no easy listen by any means, but it’s a rewarding one, that gives its secrets away over time, and rewards multiple listens.

My favourite track is The Ice Stone Has Melted. With hints of Air and Tortoise, filled with some guitarnoise, I think it’s a prime example of what these guys stand for : mixing genre’s, making them clash and fight and coming out with beautiful results. They actually changed this song on the “remade” album, and it sounds even better, so kudos! The track isn’t on youtube or any other channel for that matter, So you’re just going to have to give the album a spin!

Not much more to say really. These guys are really doing something else, and you should listen to them know before all the hipster blogs and specialized media jump on them, giving them the credit they deserve.

Boobs Of Doom
Download Here : Zippyshare


  1. Oh, I love this picture! And yes, love-hate tododerdlm. It is a scary, wonderful time.PS- Is your husband still breathing? Channing and I had a fight about what side to part Emmie’s hair on. Men!

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