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Black metal has been mutating a lot in recent years. In the beginning it was mainly focused on being as harsh, bleak and dark as possible. And that’s where it stopped. It was known as being very elitist, being trve to a certain form and style, and being different was frowned upon and even hated by most of the community. Anno 2016, different waves of black metal have surfaced, and while genre purists are still horrified, it gives the genre more depth and perspective, and some really interesting bands have entered the scene, drawing from influences far beyond black metal.

Like Numenorean. They play a blend of black metal, shoegaze and post-rock, a formula that has become increasingly popular over the years, with bands like Alcest, Deafheaven and Woods Of Desolation paving the way. With increasing popularity, there is one thing to be weary of : does it still sound original, or is just a clone of aforementioned bands, riding the wave? Numenorean firmly fall in the first category. Their music focuses a lot on emotion, trying to tug your heartstrings. This is an album that focuses on loss, and it shows. It mimics the pain and internal screams you feel when something life-changing happens, and translates it beautifully into music.

I’ve listened to it countless times now, and will for some time I think. It manages to emmit an air of timelessness, and repeated listens confirm that their will always be new things to disover here. It’s an album to comfort you, remind you that some pain is universal, and that you’re not alone . It’s some riveting stuff, especially for a debut album.

My favourite track is Laid Down. it’s an epic finale, with some great riffs, post-rock interludes and an ending befitting an album of this magnetude.

I was very excited for this album when I first heard a track 3 months ago. I loved it when I first listened to it, and I kept going back to it, discovering new things to love over and over. It’s an exceptional album, from a band that are able to be one of the shining new faces of black metal. Recommended.

Buy here : Season Of Mist

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