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despised icon

Deathcore was one of the first genres that really sparked my interest in heavy music. In my late teens, the genre really seemed to speak to me, and it wasn’t really hard to get into. Despised Icon was one of the first bands I really checked out, and the video for Furtive Monologue blew my mind. I even had the luck of meeting them one time, and they were genuinely nice guys. But then they called it quits, my interest in deathcore waned and I moved on to other, darker, crazier music. Until now.

Because they’re back, and it was the first time in years I was really excited about a deathcore release. Bands like Whitechapel and Suicide Silence seemed to have become more and more generic over the years, and I didn’t even bother checking their new releases anymore. But Despised always had a special place in my heart.

And I have to say, this new album does their legacy justice. They have lost none of their ferocity and brutality. It’s still deathcore offcourse, but they make it interesting and diverse enough so it stays interesting for a whole album. The dual vocal delivery still works great, with shouty gang vocals and pig squeals taking turns at pummelling the listener into oblivion. I love the drumming aswell, everything is played tight as hell and he changes tempo like it’s nothing. I felt 19 again, which is never a bad thing at an age where everything I do just seems to make me feel old.

My favourite track is Drapeau Noir. Machine gun drumming still rules, and this track is just heavy as balls in general, so an easy winner.

If you miss the golden age of deathcore, go pick this up. If you want to know, what deathcore should sound like anno 2016, go pick this up. If you love nice Canadians making ultraheavy music, go pick this up. If you want to bang your head 30 plus minutes, go pick this up. Enough reasons to go pick this up!

Despised Icon
Buy here : Nuclear Blast


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