Hell – MMXVI (Anthology)


This was a really hard review to write. Don’t listen to all these cd’s in one sitting. It’s just too much. These guys evoke the realms of hell like no other, and after 4 hours of heavy, feedback drenched funeral doom your body will feel weary, all hope will seem lost and if you look outside, all you will see is flames and death. That’s how good these guys are at what they do. It’s no coincidence they reside in Salem Oregon, a place that invokes imagery of witches, religious persecution and darkness in general.

I’ve had this release bookmarked for some time before it became available for purchase. I was so intrigued by what I had heard before of this band that I just had to have it, and once I saw that it had become available, I didn’t hesitate. This is a beautiful release, 4 cd’s in one box, with artwork to drool over. Only for this it is worth picking up.

The music. Over 4 cd’s, which includes almost everything Hell has ever recorded, we are invited to explore the dark universe that Hell has created. Make no mistake, once you enter, there is no way out. This is music that explores places you have seldomly visited in your psyche. Distant screams, riffs that move like tektonic plates and cause earthquakes , killing thousands in the process. But more bands have done this. It’s the calmer parts that are the most unsettling. On Hell 1, the fifth track, Deflagratio, is more of an ambient track. No vocals, no guitars, no drums. But it’s so unnerving, like walking around in the apocalypse and coming to the conclusion that ervyone you’ve ever know and loved is gone. It’s baffling how Hell has achieved to put misery into each track, without copying themselves.

And that’s what they do, over the course of 3 full lengths and a compilation of trakcs from splits and the like. They bring hell on earth. They have probably chosen the most fitting bandname of all time. They are exactly what they claim to be.

The weird thing is that even though the last album is a compilation, it sounds like an accomplished album in it’s own right. It just clicks, and their sound remains the same.

I’m not going to choose a favourite track, but a favourite album, because choosing one track is just too hard. My favourite album is probably Hell 1. I think that’s probably becuase it’s the first one I listened to, and it was such a revelation for me. Check it out on Bandcamp.


If you want to see what it’s like if there really is a Hell, go check this out. This is such a monumental release, I can’t really get my head around it. Essential listening for all you lovers of the dark and heavy!

Buy here : Vale Of Tears

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