There’s something festering in Spain. We had Altarage in the beginning of the year, and now we have this beast. Hipoxia make doom, the nastiest doom you could possibly imagine. So whatever there is in the water there, give me some.

There are offcourse different kinds of doom. Well, this is the one that destroys your house when the first riff oozes from your speakers. it’s heavy, slow, and drenched in feedback. It’s the stuff nightmares are made off. So, i immediately fell in love with it. This is my music. Misanthropic, uncompromising in it’s execution. The fun thing is, they’re not a one trick pony either. You can sometimes feel the death metal influences, the black metal riffing. At the start of Nothing, I can almost hear Michael Gira singing. Their influences seem to be very diverse, which makes the music interesting and surprising, which is not always easy for a band who makes doom as dense as this.

My favourite song is Nothing. Simply because it showcases all the different aspects of this band, and I’m a sucker for long songs that make you forget how they began once you reach the end. It’s a hell of a ride, and needs (deserves) multiple listenings to really grasp the scope of this song.

So as a tl;dr : Heavy dark, fascinating doom from Spain. I’ve listened to it maybe 15 times before I could really encapsulate all this album has to offer. But it was so worth it. Great stuff!

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