In Cauda Venenum/Heir/Spectrale – Split

Split ICV-Heir-spectrale

I love split releases. They give you an easy way to discover new bands, and most of the time I pick them up when I know one of the bands, so the rest is a fun surprise! This is an even rarer beast : a three-way split, between bands I’m not entirely familiar with, although I do know The Great Old Ones, whose frontman is the main man behind Spectrale. But since it’s being released on Les Acteurs De’l Ombre, I decided to check it out.

Since there are three bands, I’m going to give you my impressions of every band .

In Cauda Venenum have only one track on this release. But, at 15 minutes long, they are forgiven. Especially since they reimagined Laura Palmer’s Theme by the great Angelo Badalamenti. This song, as you might know, is from the Twin Peaks soundtrack, and being a big Twin Peaks fan myself, I was very curious how they went about doing this. Saying it would be better would be sacriligous, and I don’t want angry letters, but they have made this into something of pure beauty. The brilliant thing they did here is make harsh black metal and use a cello to add extra atmosphere and melancholy. The result is outstanding. These guys clearly know how to look outside the box, and I predict a great future.

Next up is Heir. They contribute three tracks, just like Spectrale. They have a very post rock feel to them, greatly playing with build-up and weird time signatures, giving their black metal a unique feel. Especially Upon The Masses gives me this Mono, Amen Ra, Altar Of plagues vibe, which is never a bad thing offcourse. Their influences seem to be very diverse, and this alone makes them interesting, and they already sound very much as their own band.

Last but not least, we have Spectrale. Maybe the odd one out on this release. They make acoustic instrumental music. Now, in my book, that can quickly get boring. But these songs have so much atmosphere, so much depth, and most of all, a ridiculous amount of musicianship. It’s beautiful to listen to, and actually works really well in between all the other black metal tracks. It’s astounding to be honest, since black metal is a genre that really demands your atttention, that the beauty of these tracks still comes out really well.

I’ve chosen not to choose a favourite track, since these bands are all different, and the album isn’t released yet, so I couldn’t go on youtube and search for them anyways.

But go check all these guys out. They all bring something unique and different to the table, and this release showcases this really well. Another standout release by a standout label. Don’t sleep on this one, it releases August 19.

In Cauda Venenum

Buy Here : Les Acteurs De’l Ombre


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