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Almost all the genres of music I fell in love with had a key album that triggered a certain affection within me. For hip-hop, it was The Marshall Mathers LP. For black metal, it was Krallice’s self titled LP. Learning that there was more then the rock music you heard on the radio was triggered by Deloused In The Comatorium by The Mars Volta. So for a guy who has always been majorly influenced by albums, it has been very hard to get into classical music, which has been primarily about compositions. This one might be my catalyst though.

It’s hard to tell you why. It’s just the feeling you get when listening to these compositions. Sometimes happy and frivolous, while being sad and ominous on the next. Every song is like a little film, where pictures of past experiences start appearing in you head. Faded memories of forgotten times. It sounds familiar, while being fresh and new. It’s hard to convey this to you, since it’s music I’m not familiar with, but it sounds like I am.

All the songs are named after places, presumably because she went there at one time and wanted to transfer the feelings she got there to the listener. She does a great job. The melancholic playfulness of Paris. The cold sadness that emits from Berlin. The violin on St Petersburg that hops and skips like a military beat.

And then we have my favourite song, Antwerp. Now, I am from Antwerp myself. And this song just summs up my city for some reason. It’s a beautiful song, but underneath you feel sadness, and a cold feeling in your gut. I actually got this song recommended by a friend who lives in Antwerp aswell, and she was also baffled by it’s beauty. Some things just sound right, without having to clarify why.

The whole music community knows how good this woman is at arranging compositions. Kanye West, Placebo, John Grant and many others have used them on their songs. Now, it’s time that all of us get to know her.

Fiona Brice
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  1. Haber si poco a poco vamos dertaspendo de esta indolencia mortal y asesina.Al menos en Italia, parece que las mujeres parecen decididas a cambiar algo.Un saludo

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