Boobs Of Doom – (((White Noise)))


Some bands are weirder then others. Take Boobs Of Doom. I had never heard of them, and you probably have neither. They actually sent me an email, asking me to check their stuff out, since they just released an album. In that email, their music was described as ” a mix between Sunn0))), Massive Attack and Mogwai”. So, obviously, I was intrigued and decided to check out their latest release, (((White Noise))).

What a discovery it turned out to be. BOD create soundscapes where triphop beats meet droney guitars while glitches and beeps drift through the songs. Piano and trumpets fade in and out, as a friend saying hello before disappearing in the night again. What surprised me most is the organic feel of it all. Everything flows and pulses naturally.

While I get the Massive Attack comparison, I actually think they sound more recent Portishead. There’s an ominous feel to these tunes, and they can do that rare thing where nature and technology clash and form a weird kind of hybrid cyborg. This kind of music often sounds artificial, distant, but they seem to give it a heart. That probably sounds strange, but well, so do they.

Their bandname and songtitles (“know yr place, stupit hyoomaan!” , anyone?) seem to suggest they’re taking the piss, and since they’re from Scotland, they probably are, but there’s a lot more depth in these songs then you would think.

My favourite song is know yr place, stupit hyoomaan! . Silly songtitle notwithstanding, I love the stuttering beat, the guitars that fade in and out, the little samples. It demands multiple listenings to take it all in. The song wasn’t available seperately, but you can check it out here at the 6.12 minute mark.

Now go check this out, drop these guys a like ( 45 likes on FB is just criminal) and check out their tunes. They got a nice pack with a CD and a shirt, which I ordered, for 12 quid. Can’t go wrong with that. Hail Boobs Of Doom!

Boobs Of Doom
Buy here : Bandcamp


    1. Vi hade sommarstuga i Stnlgtjärasstulan, bara nån mil efter Tännförsen. Det var/är mitt paradis på jorden. Trist det inte blev nån resa för er, men hoppas ni kommer iväg förr eller senare.Synd oxå att Björnstenen i Tännforsen inte finns kvar. Den va ju en raritet för fallet.Mvh. Janne

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