Let’s get hyped! Upcoming releases

Hi everyone!

I thought I’d give an overview of all the releases that will be hitting the shelves soon, so everyone has something to look forward to!

Nails – You Will Never Be One Of Us

Nails last album, Abandon All Life, was a masterpiece, effortlessly blending death metal, grindcore and hardcore in 17 minutes of blissfull noise. The question is, will they be able to stay fresh? First signs all seem positive, with 2 tracks already released. This has the potential to be AOTY, so don’t sleep on this. Released June 17 on Nuclear Blast

Despised Icon – Beast

I haven’t really been listening to deathcore anymore, I think Humanity’s Last Breath were the last band that really did something for me. But this is a whole different beast (get it?). Despised Icon have been out of the game for about 7 years now, and I’m really glad that they’re finally back. I have no doubt this album will slay, the first single is awesome, plus I’ve had the honor of meeting them 7 years ago, and they’re genuinily great guys. Releases July 7 on Nuclear Blast

Gone Is Gone – Gone Is Gone

This is a supergroup with members of Mastodon, Queens Of The Stone Age and At The Drive-In. I’m not sure how this is going to sound, because the first track sounds like a mix between the three aforementioned bands but the second is more proggy space rock/metal. I think both songs sound great, and am excited to see how the rest of the EP will turn out, but with the talent available in this group, it should be a winner. Releases July 8 on Rise Records

Sumac – What One Becomes

I’ve already heard some songs from this album, and let me tell you, this will be a huge release. Mixing everything that’s loud, they create a monster that shifts between noise and silence, choas and calm in the blink of an eye. The riffs sound absolutely massive, courtesy of Aaron Turner of Isis and Old Man Gloom fame. First reviews are already coming in, and sound overwhelmingly positive. Releases June 10 on Thrilljockey records

Gojira – Magma

Gojira was one of the first bands that really drew me to metal. Their elephant marching riffs were just too good to pass up, and From Mars To Sirius is still being blasted in my house every few weeks. They’ll have a new album soon, called Magma,and the 2 first singles are showing a riff inspired sound once again, which is great. I’m not really sure about the lyrics of Silvera, thought they were a little corny, but hey, we’ll let that slip. Releases June 17 on Roadrunner Records

Swans – The Glowing Man

I think Michael Gira is a true genius. Swans has been around for 30 years now, and every album they released has been monumental. They’ve showed no sign of slowing down either, releasing the harrowing To Be Kind 2 years ago. Nothing has been released from this album as of now, except for some excerpts. But I am confident this will be another monster of an ablum, with Gira as possessed preacher telling us how it is. Releases June 17 On Young God Rec/Mute

These are the ones I KNOW will come out soon, but there might also be some surprise releases, like :

Kanye West – Turbo Grafx 16

Will Kanye drop 2 albums this year? Will it still have this title or will it be changed to something dumber? Will it be as good as Pablo? No one knows, but it would be nice to get an extra Kanye album this year, that’s for sure.

Sky Ferreira – Masochism

I really like Sky, she looks and acts like she gives zero fucks, and makes weird pop music in the process. SHe posed nude on her last album cover, and her new album is reportedly called Masochism. I hope it will be as catchy as Night Time, My Time, but only time will tell.

Frank Ocean

Ah the great enigma. Lauded for Channel Orange, called the new king of R&B, only to disappear for a while. The new album is supposed to be finished, and James Blake has said it’s the best thing Ocean has ever done. Will we see the release this year? No one knows.


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