The lost art of the mixtape


I might just be getting old, but does anyone remember making mixtapes for the girl they were into? You were in your room for hours, trying to select songs that conveyed your feelings as accurately as possible, without being too straight forward. It was a meticulous task, one that needed careful consideration where to place which track, so the buildup was just right. Or when you went on a roadtrip, and you wanted to make atleast one cd that had songs YOU liked, instead of the weird jazz cd’s your father had on (Not always though, my father actually had a great taste in music, but there was the occasional album that just sounded rubbish to me). Or you wanted to show a friend all this cool new music you discovered, so you combined all these weird genres and bands into a chaotic melting pot of everything, where Hip-hop and Metal stood next to each other as brothers and Pop and Noise were equals.

Those days seem to be gone. Kids these days hook up online, leave a load and move on. If you wanna show a mate a song, you send him the youtube link and that’s that. Carstereo’s all have Bluetooth, Aux and USB for a seemingly unending stream of music. There’s no need to impress your loved ones anymore. And that’s a shame. The mixtape was a great medium in my opinion, where there was something to be discovered behind every corner. It was amazing to get one, and a really stressful affair if you wanted to give one to somebody. You had to think about what you wanted other people to hear, be it your crush, a mate you wanted to impress, or hell, even just to fill a long car ride.

And equally important was how you decorated the case. Do you just put up a tracklist, or do you make a drawing? Do you show your mad Paint skills( talking early 2000’s here), or do you leave it all blank? Handwritten or printed? All concerns that needed to be addressed, since the packaging was equally important as the content. Especially when it was a girl you liked. Now, I made my share of mixtapes, and I got to admit, wasn’t always that successful with them. I’m gonna blame that on the girls being total jerks though, and not my mixtape-making skills.

Here’s my proposition. Let’s bring back the mixtape. Everyone who reads this, make a cd with random/theme/favourite songs and give it to somebody, anybody really. And tell them to pay it forward. Or ask a friend to make one for you and you will make one for them. Spread the love you have for some songs/artists and let them feel the same. Think about music, instead of taking it for granted. Even if it is only for one hour. If your friend/loved one/complete stranger is anything like me, he/she will appreciate it a great deal.

As a finisher, here’s a song I included almost every time I wanted a girl to like me. Because, you know, there was no better man than me.

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