Titaan – Kadingir


I’m a big horror movie fan. I think it’s one of the most underrated genre’s there is, and I think the bigest problem the genre has is the fact that a lot of crap is being made. The last great horror movie I saw was “It Follows”. This movie struck a perfect balance between atmosphere and being genuinely scary. A minimum of gore, some genuinely discomforting shots, a great soundtrack. The whole package. I’m telling you this because this album, to me, is a lot like a great horror movie.

Titaan is a one man black metal band. Black metal in the broadest sense btw. There are some ambient influences, some death, some noise. All wrapped up in one hellish experience. And, like aforementioned movie, it does so in style. It sets the mood, before showing you the true terror that lies within. It’s not about being as hard or as fast as possible. The mood is set in track 1, but there’s enough spins and turns that boggle the mind to keep it interesting. And at the end, you’re not sure what just happened. And you’re not sure you want it to happen again. But you’ll keep going back, like a scab that you keep picking, just because it feels so good.

I have to compliment the musicianship on this album aswell. He that is called Lalartu deserves a lot of praise, because this isn’t your average one man BM band. The sounds and textures here are phenomenal, and the attention to detail breathtaking. All the songs seem to fit together to form a demented, twisted story of which you’re not sure you want to know the end. It must’ve been a gargantuan task to put all this together, and he must be some crazy genius to come up with something like this. Like David Lynch or David Cronenberg, the most primal of fears and desires are displayed here, and like those directors, will probably be too much for your average human being. But for the rest of us, it’s like staring evil in the face and staring back without blinking.

The concept of this album was based on ancient Mesopotamic beliefs, which makes sense to me, because I’m pretty sure something ancient came from the depts when this monster of an ablum was unleashed upon the world.

My favourite track is Itima. Now, you have to know, it was like choosing your favourite scene from a movie, how brilliant the scene is on it’s own, it still has to be enjoyed in the movie. But this track, with the almost tribal drumming, and the whispered chanting, is so nasty in it’s own right that I had to choose it. It gave me flashes of “The Wickerman” or “Eraserhead”, which are great references on their own.

To end on, this album has to be enjoyed like a good horror movie. Turn off the lights, light a candle, and blast this full volume. I’ll be surprised if you come out the same person you were before. Recommended!

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