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Show me a dinosaur

I discovered this band a few years ago, with their debut album Dust. At the time, I mostly checked them out because of their name (I’m a pretty big dinosaur guy) and the fact that they’re Russian ( Not that much Russian bands in my discography), but I liked what I heard. They played a mix of post-rock and post-metal, nothing really original, but entertaining nonetheless.

Now their new album has arrived, and they have chosen to deter from their original path. Their new music still remains post rock/metal at heart, but they’ve chosen to incorporate some black metal and shoegaze into the mix, with exhilarating results.

Since there is a plethora of music out there, I often put on albums in the background, to get a feel of the music, is it worth my time, etc. And this one made me turn my head several times. It’s not that they’re doing something very original, there’s shards of the inevitable Deafheaven, some Ghost Bath, some Mogwai, some Explosions. It’s that it sounds completely as Show Me A Dinosaur, and that’s a mean feat on it’s own. Every track is full of emotion, with beautiful instrumental interludes. They’ve also mastered the quiet/loud dynamic that post-rock is known for, without sounding like copycats.

My favourite track is Wojna. Turns out it means “War” in Polish. And my God, does it show up in this song. A 10 minute epic, with a great instrumental intro (that riff, holy mother of Jebus), that then slows down before gradually building up to a devestating conclusion. Probably the best post-anything I’ve heard this year. Gorgeous.

To cap it off, this is an outstanding album by a band I feel has found it’s true sound. Can’t wait to hear more of them. This album is a free download on Bandcamp btw, so no reason to sit on this one!

Show Me A Dinosaur
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