“Music used to be so much better…”

Stop me if I sound familiar. You’re trying to talk to a friend about this amazing new band you discovered, and he/she suddenly says “I don’t know man, I think all the good rock music was made in the 90’s.” If you’re anything like me, that instantly triggers you.

Why, you ask? Well, there are several reasons.
Firstly, it makes you sound conservative and lazy. It implies you just stopped searching for good music when a certain era stopped, and were content with the music you heard during that period. It implies you just stopped caring about what was happening in the music industry, and are holding on to what you perceive as “good” music. This makes sense, since you probably have some great memories from your youth attached to certain musical compositions. Now, this doesn’t really matter. I get that people like to listen to tunes that remind them of a better, simpler time. What I’d give to be young again, listening to bands like The Mars Volta or Eminem again for the first time.

The problem is this though. You’re saying there isn’t any good music made anymore. Do people know how condescending that sounds? There are more bands now then ever, in more different styles and genres then ver before. You want some blackened jazz fusion hardcore? Here you go! Some industrial hiphop mixed with some reggae influences? No Problem!A parrot fronting a Death metal band? Right this way sir! The diversity is enormous,and you can find anything you like witha click of the button on the internet.

So why are people still saying they only like music from a certain era? Well, one of the problems is the radio. Now, I can only talk about my own experiences with radio stations, which may differ from your own depending on your country and whatnot, but radiostations have a tendency to play primarily classics and things that are being hyped because of various reasons. This can often be total shit ( I’m looking at you Mumford & Sons), but doesn’t have to be (that time when James Blake’s “limit to your love” was a little hit, and I realized the majority of the listeners wouldn’t be able to hear the subbass through their shitty speakers. Sigh). So, a lot of new bands are not getting the airplay they deserve, and bands with a big label behind them get lots of airplay because, you know, money. This gives people, certainly the older generations, the impression that music nowadays is plain terribad.

Another issue, and this is one that has been going on for ages, is that a lot of money is in a certain demography, namely teenage girls. And, I don’t know why, being a man and all, they tend to like shitty music. Biebs, One Direction, Five Seconds Of Summer, pretty teenage boys singing shitty songs about liking girls. It’s rubbish. But the main thing people are forgetting is, it’s not made for them. The reason we don’t like it is, we’re not supposed to like it. But this has been going on forever. The 90’s had The Backstreet Boys and N*Sync, the 80’s had New Kids On The Block, the 70’s had The Bay City Rollers, the 60’s the Monkees and The Osmonds. So it has been a recurring thing in music history. Why are people still thinking it’s the only thing out there then?

Well, sadly, we have to go to the beginning of this piece. People are lazy and impatient. They want their shit now, fast, without doing any effort. And that’s the reason a lot of bands go under the radar, get zero success and are forced to quit because it has become impossible to combine fulltime jobs with a touring band.

So people, go out and discover! The internet has become ann easy way to find thousands of bands instantly, yours truly will try to help you on the way!


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