Kanye West – The Life Of Pablo



Now before I start talking about this album, I feel like I have to talk a little about the person Kanye. I personally don’t like this, since I think the person and the music he/she makes are two seperate things, but with Kanye, it seems like there is a lot of hate going on, so here goes.

Is Kanye an asshole? Possibly. Is he a megalomaniac? Probably. Does he think he is a God musician? Yeah. Do I care about any of these things? Hell no, why would I? I’m literally never going to meet this guy. The only way he communicates with me is through making music. So I’m going to form an opinion about him through his music, not the media. There are so many musicians that are probably ultra cunts (top off my head : Morrissey, Mark Kozalek, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix) and nobody cares at all. So if everybody could stop with the selfrighteousness, that would be nice.

Now, about the album. I think it’s great. It’s supposed to be the last one of the trilogy started with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Yeezus, and it’s a great end to a fantastic three-piece.

The things it has in common with the last ones are also the positives. the production is just wonderfull across these 18 tracks. Kanye the producer is still the best Kanye, and every song is a joy to listen too, if it’s the soul of Ultralight Beam, the mash-up of Nina Simone and Sister Nancy on FamousĀ or the more classic hip hop vibe in No More Parties In LA.

Often the guests make the tracks here aswell : Rihanna on Famous, Kendrick great as always on No More Parties, Chance The Rapper on Waves. Great contributions, and always appropriate.

My favourite track is Famous.

Now, I know this track has gotten some backlash because of the Taylor Swift references, but to me this is how sampling has to be done. Just excellent.

At the moment this album is only available through streaming services, with a possible physical release in the works. Stream it, download it somewhere, whatever you do , check it out, because it’s great.

Listen here : Spotify

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