Altarage – Nihl



Altarage are a Death Metal band from Spain, and have delivered on this, their debut album. This is not for the faint hearted. Through the course of 36 minutes, this drags you down to the pits of hell and echoes on way after that. Every riff, every drumstroke, every gargled syllable is there to convince you to serve the dark lord. ┬áThis is death metal at it’s finest, echoing bands like Portal, Ulcerate and Dead Congregation.

My favorite track is Altars. That riff at the beginning is so ridiculously good. I already heard this track on their demo they released last year, and as menacing as it sounded then, it’s even more colossal here, and I absolutely love it.

I also think the the production on Nihl is fantastic. It’s dense, but every instrument has it’s time to shine, which I prefer over the live production a lot of these bands seem to prefer, and where everything just sounds like a wall of noise.

This is being released on 4 different labels, which are all excellent btw, and they are all releasing them on different formats (digital, cassette, vinyl and cd).

I’d suggest you pick this one up, because I think this one will be one of the AOTY contenders!

order here : Altarage Bandcamp

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